6 Things to Consider When Planning a Christmas or New Years Eve Proposal​

Timing is everything and when it comes to marriage proposals, Christmas and New Year’s Eve are the most popular periods to propose. It’s easy to see why given that Christmas and NYE bring friends and family together.


You’ll both be spending time with your loved ones throughout the festive season and more often than not, you’d also want to celebrate your engagement surrounded by the special people in your life. 


With this in mind, a holiday proposal can form the foundation of a tale you’ll tell your grandchildren for generations to come. If you’re thinking of proposing around Christmas time or even on NYE, it is important to get a few things right. Because each couple is different, it is vital to stick to a few guidelines:


1. Keep it a secret –  there are so few beautiful surprises in life and unless your significant other likes to see things coming, don’t tell people (unless they are helping and can keep a secret!) The more people know, the less likely your partner is to be surprised so shh.

2. Select the right ring – remember, quality over quantity and really put thought and consideration into your choice. If you’re stumped, purchase an inexpensive placeholder to pop the question with and then shop for the real thing together.

3. Choose the perfect location – social media is a wonderful thing but don’t feel the need to go overboard to impress strangers. An introvert may hate a public proposal and an extrovert may want the whole world to see. Do what’s right for your partner.

4. Subtly get her/him ready – you or a family member could gift your partner with a pamper session to ensure their hands are ready for the ring!

5. Contemplate what you want to say – even if you don’t write it down, have a mental idea of what you’d like to say when proposing.

6. Take a deep breath – relax! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. It’s a beautiful moment that you’ll always remember so try to enjoy it.

With plenty of holiday cheer to go around, your engagement proposal can be an extra reason to eat, drink and be merry at this time of year!


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